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Asphalt and Concrete Protection and Repair For Superior and Duluth in 2017

Written for Twin Port's Merchant Circle

  • Superior, Wi and Duluth, Mn area sealcoating, and asphalt maintenance is vital for businesses and homeowners. While we also perform concrete repair and renewal projects the protection of asphalt is also an important element in the northland. Proper filling of asphalt cracks and a high quality sealcoat properly applied can extend the life of your asphalt. Jon Hetzel, owner of A-1 Asphalt Co. of Duluth and Superior, a full service company from Duluth parking lot striping to crackfilling, asphalt patching and driveway repair , provides free asphalt estimates and consultations.
  • "Without an diligent asphalt maintenance strategy, without sealcoat, without crack filling, Superior and Duluth area driveways and parking lot cracks form and turn into potholes." Cleaning, sealcoating and crack filling helps prevent this inevitable process. Jon's company has been sealcoating driveways and sealcoating parking lots in Duluth and surrounding area since 1989 providing professional and affordable service. They do notget rich.
  • "A lot of companies are making a lot of money in new driveways and new parking lots. People should think about that when it comes to maintaining their asphalt driveways and asphalt parking lots. New asphalt can be over .50 a sq. ft. while sealcoating can range between .10-.15 a sq. ft. depending on services and quality of the materials. With the prices of oil increasing it is more important than ever in 2011 to work with a company you can trust to be applying quality materials to your driveway or parking lot.
  • Duluth Sealcoating is a must do. Once that asphalt drys out, it loses it's structural integrity and the cracks come. The asphalt crack filling prevents water from penetrating into the asphalt and then freezing in winter. Once your parking lot or driveway is invaded with cracks-potholes soon appear."
  • Jon equates asphalt maintenance with dentistry. "Checkups are cheap but reconstruction is expensive. It's a shame that a call to us and an annual check of your asphalt can prevent big bills later on."
  • A-1 Asphalt provides free Superior and Duluth parking lot repair consultations and walk overs and analysis. "By all means give us a call. We'll look at your parking lot and driveway and give you an honest opinion. We live in the Twin Ports and have built our business from trust and honesty. We also want to see our local businesses survive and asphalt maintenance can make them stronger."
  • "Sometimes we have to tell a customer their parking lot or driveway is too far gone. That's a shame. Asphalt can last a long time with care." In these challenging economic times your asphalt maintenance, is one way that proactive owners can save a lot of money and protect their investments.

  • Wisconsin and Minnesota Asphalt Needs Repair

    With a tough economy this is no time to ignore asphalt maintenance. New blacktop is very expensive and a ruined asphalt destroys property value. There is only one solution: regular asphalt sealcoating and maintenance with A-1 Asphalt of Duluth and Superior.
    "Ignore a crack grow a pothole," says A-1 Asphalt owner Jon Hetzel. "I wish it weren't the case. It would be great if you didn't have to seal asphalt or fix cracks and your investment would last forever." That day isn't here and won't be for a long time. But sealing your driveway or parking lot every two years will go along way to maintain the look and health of your asphalt.
    "Some people seal coat their driveways every year and it shows in the look and long term strength of their driveways or parking lots. But the most important thing is to fix cracks. They are the cause of Duluth area potholes and they need attention."
    A-1 Asphalt of Duluth and Superior has been fixing driveways and parking lots in Northern Wisconsin and Northern Minnesota for over 20 years. Quality seal coating and crack filling will keep you parking lot and driveways looking great and avoid the financial and aesthetic disaster of destroyed asphalt. Please feel free to call A-1 at 218-940-3530 or check out their website at "We'll take a look at your situation and give you an honest consultation on your best options to maintain your driveway and parking lot. It's how we do business."


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