Frequently Asked Asphalt Maintenance Questions Driveways & Parking Lots

Q: Discounts or Specials (top)
A: Yes. We can offer a $99.00 residential driveway sealcoating special for lots under 1,000 sq. ft. in the Duluth area. Also, the larger the lot or driveway the lower the price. We also encourage referrals from customers to other customers and that can help lower prices. We can apply the recommended second coat for much cheaper than the first as well. We normally will not lose work on apples to apples price and service comparisons. For commercial lots our prices are hard to beat unless a competitor were to use poor or watered down materials: something we will not do.

Q: How much insurance does A-1 carry? (top)
A:Yes. For twenty years. $1,000,000 of business insurance. For larger jobs and to meet your company requirements we can quickly add another $1,000,000. Hot tar work, pothole repair and crack filling can be dangerous work. We have humbly operated without major incidents for over 20 years. Safety of employees, and our customers is always a priority. Also protecting buildings and surrounding landscaping and leaving our job area looking great is another difference with our company.

Q: Importance of asphalt maintenance for Duluth area (top)
A: The Twin Ports region's weather is brutal on unprotected parking lots and driveways. Failing to fill cracks will result in further problems after our long winters. The freeze and thaw nature of our late Fall and early Spring are prime pothole makers. Annual asphalt checkups and semi-annual sealcoating and parking lot and driveway maintenance will do a lot to protect your asphalt investment. Cracks shuld be sealed as soon as you notice one. Our main Duluth and Superior pothole repair time is in the Spring. We ususally start driveway pothole repair and parking lot pothole repair services around the end of April.

Q: Do we serve both residential and business customers? (top)
A: YES! We started our business with residential sealcoating. No job is too small for us. We have nearly 1,000 satisfied residential customers throughout the Duluth and Superior and surounding area.

Q:Will sealcoating disrupt my business? (top)
A: No. We take every precaution. A-1 can work late into the evenings and on weekends so as to not disrupt your customers. We work out the logistics with you, and do all we can to insure that the protection of your asphalt and the look of your business will not interfere with doing business. Sealcoat can dry quickly in the right weather conditions as well. We can also speed up drying in high traffic areas.

Q: Is Asphalt and Hot Mix Environmentally Friendly? (top)
A: Sealcoating and crack filling to prevent the need for a new driveway or parking lot is a major way to reduce the energy, resources, and costs of new asphalt. Asphalt is one of the most recycled materials at 80% recycled content. This is by far the most recycled by-content material used. The asphalt industry recycles 80.3 tons of product each year. A-1 Asphalt is careful with all of our materials and disposal methods. We can provide more specific information about potential alternatives to a specific product concern.

Q: What areas do we serve? (top)
A: That depends. A 100 mile radius around the Twin Ports for residential jobs is reasonable. For commercial sealcoating and maintenance jobs we travel significantly further.Call us for more information.

Q: Does A-1 Asphalt provide consulting services for parking lot and driveway repair or replacement? (top)
A: Yes. We can contract for an unbiased assessment of a parking lot's condition and repair, overlay, or resurfacing needs. We do provide free estimates for most jobs, but some clients want help in long term decision making and planning. We understand that, and will gladly help. Asphalt parking lots and driveways are a major investment that can be very economical if managed. Our knowledge can help you to make the best decision from a financial and aesthetic perspective. We are also aware of American with Disabilities ADA handicapped parking spaces regulations. In March of 2010 all business and government agencies will have to meet the new requirements for handicap parking spaces. Currently many customers do not even meet the 1990 ADA standard and are in violation of the act. We can help.

Q: What is the standard thickness for asphalt pavement? (top)
A: there is no standard thickness of asphalt as the thickness of asphalt pavement is determent on the weather and traffic conditions affecting the pavement surface. The thicker the layer of asphalt, the more stability the parking lot and driveway gains.

Q: What maintenance do I need to do to my asphalt? (top)
A: Many things can be done to keep the asphalt at its top condition in our Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin region. Crack filling, cleaning, and regular sealcoating of your driveway or parking lot will help protect your asphalt form our tough winters. Quality sealcoating is proven to add years to the life of your asphalt and save money and environmental resources.

Q: Why is my Asphalt not level? (top)
A: Asphalt needs to have a minimum of a 1/4" slope to allow for proper drainage of water/rain, gasoline, cleaning fluids and other liquids that may crack and sip into the base material. Sometimes poor installation is to blame and other times geological changes can warp a driveway or parking lot. We can provide overlays that help improve the drainage of your asphalt.

Q: What damages Asphalt? (top)
A: Changes in weather, particularly water freezing and thawing, can peel away the layers of asphalt and will chip away the foundation causing cracks in the surface. Loss of the foundation/base material will weaken the support for asphalt which causes potholes. That is why crack filling is so important to maintain your asphalt. Ignoring cracks in 2010 will deliver potholes in the 2011. It's much cheaper to have us crack fill then pothole repair or perform an overlay- or, gasp, a parking lot or driveway total resurfacing.

Q: How can I help maintain my parking lot or driveway? (top)
A: Small cracks and depressions should be monitored and fixed. These cracks are the entrance way for water to get into your asphalt. When the weather freezes ice forms and your driveway or parking lot's asphalt will start to see pothole formation. Keeping your asphalt clean and an annual or biannual checkup by us can help insure a long life for your asphalt investment. Feel free to call for more tips and advice at (218) 940-3530.