Commercial Asphalt Projects

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2014-2015 Projects

Superior Choice Bank

Hermantown,MN, Mellen, WI, Ashland, WI and two locations in Superior were the call for us this Summer of 2013. From sealcoating, striping, patching, crack filling and paving we worked around the schedules of the banks to minimize customer inconvenience. Superior Choice understands the value of protecting assets, and are projects with them will go a long way to keeping their parking lots looking great and being safe.

Landmark Lanes, Superior Wi

Landmark Lanes large parking lot had lost it's integrity in the traffic zones. The parking areas were still in solid shape so a repaving would be unneeded, costly and a waste of resources. We leveled the bad area and added a 1.5 inch patch to the traffic zone. Followed by a sealcoating of the remaining lot, this is a tremendous way to save money and your parking lot. Take a look at the asphalt patch by clicking here.

University of Wisconsin Superior

Students were coming back to school and some of the parking lots were in need of some TLC. The University called us and we there the same day. We finished the job in time to actually see one of our repairs in the background of a photo of students returning to campus in the Superior Evening Telegram. "Maintenance is the key to preventing potholes in the first place. But when they occur we think we are the best first choice to assess your parking lot or driveway and determine the best and most economical course of action. We say, "Before you call the pavers, call the savers."

More 2011Projects

Duluth Grill

Duluth Grill's parking lot needed some tender loving care. In July of 2011 we were called in to patch some tough locations on their busy parking lot. They also understands the importance of asphalt maintenance and what we can do to make a tough situation look and work well for a business. We also paved a significant part of the entrance area. We were able to execute this project quickly and kept disruptions of personnel and their business to a minimum. If you are in East Duluth swing by Duluth Grill, take a look, and have a great meal.

Kari Toyota, Superior Wi

For many years we have worked with car companies that understand to how sealcoating can really show off their products as well as protect their asphalt investment. Kari Toyota has long been a respected dealer in the Twin Ports and we are glad to continue to help them keep a great look for their products and also save money by preserving their asphalt. Superior, Wi is our homebase and we always like to support local business as they protect their asphalt investment.

GrayBar Co. Duluth, MN

We were called in to renovate the GrayBar parking lot in Duluth, Mn. Septemeber of 2012. The lot required asphalt patching, crack filling and two coats of sealcoat. We also restriped it including a van accesible handicapped parking spot. The lot looks nearly brand new and with multiple coats should be good to go for several years. You can see photos of these and other asphalt projects here: Duluth Area Asphalt Sample Work.

A Few Past Commercial Projects

  • GrayBar Co. Duluth
  • Mastech-Duluth
  • Holy Rosary School
  • Duluth Tabernacle Church
  • Walgreen's Drug Stores
  • University of Wisconsin-Superior
  • Woodland Spur
  • Superior Public School District
  • Enbridge Corporation
  • Kmart
  • Jack's Spur
  • Checker Auto Parts
  • Fentect Windows
  • McCarthy Manor
  • Mobile Station Lake Nebagamon
  • Clouquet Car Wash and Laundry
  • Belknap Car Wash,
  • Tower Car Wash
  • Plus many others and 100's of excellent residential jobs

Contact for Sealcoating and Asphalt work in Superior and Duluth and Beyond

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